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This page features book reviews and mentions by Cliff Schrock on golf, general topics and classic golf books. There will be occasional product reviews and commentary on popular culture as well.

Catch Up on Reading

Originally Posted on March 5: If you’re still stuck indoors, here are some reading options by two authors that will get your spirits uplifted until you can get onto the course. A two-volume golf set of P.G. Wodehouse’s “The Clicking of Cuthbert” and “The Heart of a Goof” were released toward the end of last year from Overlook Press for $37.50.  And Dan Jenkins’ new novel, “Stick a Fork in Me,” published in January by Tyrus Books ($16.99), is not one of his golf efforts, although there is a golf-obsessed character. This one’s about other arenas he’s good at skewering: college athletics and political correctness.

Cliff Schrock