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Christmas greetings and Happy New Year wishes

This time of year presents so many symbols of hope and wishes of peace to all mankind, but perhaps none are as beautifully rendered as creches and Christmas trees, which is why I want to feature them in this post to express my greetings to my website visitors.

I have the good fortune of living near the culturally alive New Haven area, specifically Yale for one, but also to be near the international headquarters for the Knights of Columbus. In the K of C museum, the organization put together an exhibit of creches from around the world, made in a variety of materials, from paper to ceramic. They also did an annual Christmas tree contest involving schools in Connecticut and the 25 or so entries were beautiful works of art.

Please enjoy the slideshow portfolio below of creche examples (click on an image to flip through), as well as a photo of a pair of tree entrants. All of this is to express my best wishes for a beautiful and peaceful holiday time and a great 2018.                                                                Cliff Schrock

Ceramic, wood and paper were used for creche material at an exhibit in the Knights of Columbus museum this holiday season.

KC tree.jpg

St. Mark's school in Stratford, Conn., was a contest winner.

Cliff Schrock