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Bunnell plays intown rival Stratford in girls golf match; plays busy week of 3 matches

The icy spring weather kept its grip on the Connecticut region to close out the month of April as Stratford's two high schools played a girls golf match on Monday April 30 at Mill River Country Club.

It was the first of two matches between the two teams this spring. The result was Bunnell 289, Stratford 308 on Mill River's par-38 front nine. Bunnell, which has just a four-player roster, had scores from Danka Hlinka 57, Debra Caminade 69, Kellie Taylor 78, and Sasha Kalson 85. Stratford's six players were Jennifer Melo 75, Marissa Cantiello 77, Stacy Medina 78, Melissa Wilson 78, Chloe Pappas 78, and Kayla Simon 85. Freshman Ciara Smith was a noncompeting participant.

Stratford golfers: Stratford High and Bunnell played a match on April 30 at Mill River.

Stratford golfers: Stratford High and Bunnell played a match on April 30 at Mill River.

The match was Bunnell's first victory against four losses. The Lady Bulldog highlights were: Junior Danka Hlinka broke 60 for the first time in five matches, and in her sixth week of playing golf, senior Debra Caminade broke 70.

As the heat roared in, Bunnell played at home May 1 versus Weston, dropping the match 218 to 276. The Bunnell score was 20 shots better than its previous best at Oronoque on April 18. Going back on the road Thursday May 2 against Newtown, the Lady Bulldogs lost 208-286 at Rock Ridge Country Club. The respective scores for Bunnell in the two matches were 62-62 by Danka Hlinka; 68-69 by Kellie Taylor; 73-77 by Debra Caminade, and 73-78 by Sasha Kalson.

Bunnell will have matches Monday through Thursday, May 7-10, in trying to catch up on its schedule due to the poor spring weather.




Cliff Schrock